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I'm a young teen, I think that many kids are getting into airsoft by their friends and those stuff in the racks on walmart, I learned airsoft from my family's friend and that's how I knew about airsoft

I greatly understand the fact that kids can't be held responsible of their own actions, parents should not be allowing their kids to buy airsoft guns if they know that this kid will get in huge trouble, parents should make the child who wants to play Airsoft to raise their own money, it will be very unlikely that the child will be getting in trouble, it is like you earning your hard earned money and buying a car, on the way of saving you will keep learning about the things you want like airsoft and knowing more to be safe.

In the law buying airsoft guns are legal

''In Ontario, Saskatchean and British Columbia, the minimum age to purchase airsoft is 18. Children under age will be able to use firearms. Children under 8 must be supervised by someone over 18.''

For me I think that retailers should keep selling the way they are, many of you
will not agree and probably dislike this but just think, us kids are the next in line of the airsoft community so you know ease up on us.

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