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Originally Posted by Ozone06 View Post
Go out as the team with no name until you earn one or figure out one on your own.
I hope the original poster is taking notes, of more than just the great names here. People spend so much time trying to find a name that will make them cool when in reality it's the team that makes the name cool. The word Spartan is only cool because of what the Spartans achieved. As you play as a team a name will emerge that is better than anything you could have come up with.

Now back to the suggestions:
Team NoName, dress in bright yellow so that you blend in
Cacapoopoopeepeeshire, depending on a coin toss
El Papacitos, go shirtless with only a bandolier, washboard abs required
The Don't Tase Me Bros, yell the catchphrase every time you're alone and surrounded
Violently Vicious and Voracious Violation of Volition, who doesn't love a good alliteration?
KWA M9 Tactical

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