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Originally Posted by I P Freely View Post
These "kids" will be of age soon enough. Who do you think they will buy rifles from when they are age varified? Who will they take advice from at that point? Whos teams will they want to join? Be mindfull of who you slander for these sort of comments help drive airsoft down in peoples eyes.

Be the guy who can teach them the honour and respect we all look for within this sport. Be the guy they need to learn from. Be the guy who sells them quality gear.

Be that good guy.

Quite honestly my eight year old has more maturity and more ability to think freely than the original posters. Which doesn't bode well to thier chances of surviving on ASC.

Trying to set up a team and then asking others for thier opinons is like trying to ask someone else to provide yourself with an identity on the spot. It screams lack of character. A forum especially one filled with some huge trolls is not the place to teach basic life skills. Thier parents failed, didn't try or both.

Everyone has a handle on the forums some are jokes, some are poiniant some are abreviated names and a lot are just something they thought were cool. The big difference between a handle and a nickname is nicknames are earned. Go out as the team with no name until you earn one or figure out one on your own.

Or you can always pick teh Herpy derps. That's right you heard me!

Teh Herpy Derps.

Take your pick
“We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”
George Orwell
To those Rough men... Thank You.

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