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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Listen this forum is for information and discussion. Are we here to solve petty problems? No. Listen yes I agree this thread isn't the most mature side of ASC but this is us trying to make light of something just to show you how silly this really is. Common we can't chose a name. Okay find something cool. Use Something cool. Fixed. Use your imagination. Though something tells me 'I P Freely' that my hunch you might in someway be involved with this team is correct. But hey. Your just a new guy commenting on this particular thread instead of doing what most new people do.
I've got no clue who these people are. Never met them, don't live near them. Just think they could be treated a little better. I'm 40, I recall when I was young and didn't know much. Still not sure I know much now. But when people offered me assistance, I took it. Maybe they will too if it's good advice.
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