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Originally Posted by jtf2-phalanx View Post
Echo1. I've tried to get a supplier to bring in another body but no one seems to able to get one in.

theres a big reason there, i took some time to look into the ebr model i was gonna purchased(went with gng) echo1 n kart ebrs are of horrible quality from what numerous people have said on videos and posts outside of asc,

gng makes em good and gnp as well, ra-tech n we tech too(gas models), and dont go knockign we-tech for the ebr model its pretty solid and works great cept under very cold conditions.

i got mine from aderinaline guy everythign shopped great and communication was great. i just need to upgrade it but thats somethign i can deal with later down the road.

ps. this is just my opinion from what i have looked up and what i noticed others have different opinions

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