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i am actually doing some research as we speak! So far its seems kind of overwhelming. There is so many companies its hard to decipher. I know when i played paintball i was always up front pushing flanks, drawing fire and setting up ambushes. I heard it called 'dagger' position once, but ive never played airsoft before, and one would imagine you all are pretty good at what you do.

So i think i am going to lean towards a decent all around assault rifle and a damn good side arm (i am a sucker for blow back lol). The side arm should be no real problem, they stay in my price range pretty good. The AR on the other hand can get quite expensive, once I'm AV then i am sure i can find some cheaper prices, $100-300 right now but that could change.

If anyone has any recommendations on companies to look out or stay away from, please share.
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