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Thanks for the feedback and all the suggestions folks.

We're in the midst of addressing all of the issues mentioned today. We did run a beta for 30 days and got a lot of feedback during that period, so we're familiar with using test users and have been doing so - in fact MOST of the changes we've made in the last 3 weeks have been user driven.

We've been doing rapid development and have added a lot of data fields and process since version 1.0 and there is fine tuning to be done to the UI process. For instance, age checks was something we did after the fact and if we don't get a birthdate from the Facebook login process, we need to make the user disclose it - just something we didn't consider.

Bear with us, as we will optimize the event creation and join process. We're in the process of integrating EventBrite into the system, so we're going to finish that and then overhaul the event creation process, and the join process with the new ticket code so we're passing through those sections of code only once this month (saves time and money).

I'm glad to see so many taking an interest to the level of detail we're getting on the feedback, and we really appreciate your ideas, particularly those who we know are developers (tip the hat to Warren) who can look at this with a pretty experience eye.
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