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Waving a hand, and need AV

Hello everyone! I used to play paintball and thats what eventually brought me to airsoft. When i was dodging randomly shot balls of paint and shooting away all my hard earned money at 13 year olds, i looked over, and there it was. Three men standing dressed to the 9s with BFG's and grenades. I couldn't help but be intrigued. So here i am, i have a craving for some tactical goodness, but unfortunately, before i can get real serious i needed to make this account, and now become verified.
I live in the guelph area, if you have ever seen a bob's your plumber kia (no im not bob) thats me! Anyway, i want to get AV'd quick! i am mobile, K/W, cambridge etc.....
So ya anyone wanna meet up some time, check i'ds, drink a coffee and talk airsoft?
lemme know, ill bring the coffee!


Edit- Just found the list of AV-ers sorry if this post is real noobtastic! sometimes i get excited....

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