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K i like the marui L96 but i like my sniper to have more velocity 400+ i have a 100$ cheap M16 and a colt 1911 that 30$ and i learned that more velocity the bather it is for me I'm a bit on the tactical side and strategies but i don't want to spend it on a M16 fully upgraded it will coast to much to fast that y i want to get a

it may not be all metal but i think it will sout the way i hunt

then wen i buy my 1st sniper ima get

2end marui L96
3erd G&G M16 RIS

and slowly upgrade um wen i get the $

and i have more experiments with a sniper Cinda of gun cuz wen i hunt i uses a pelt gun that a sniper ish lol

thanks for the advise and all =)

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