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If i might make a suggestion on how to make the UI as user friendly as possible, get a random person to try it that has never seen it before, preferably one who doesn't even really know what they are trying to do. Remove as many preconceptions from the equation as possible.

When you think you've got it setup nicely, just snag a neighbor or a sibling or someone who has never seen the app before and ask them to find a game, or sign up for a game. The more guinea pigs the better, there's a whole science to what users expect for UI/interactions.

I'm not kidding, we've used this all the time in product and website pre-deployments. We used the receptionists, our wives, heck i think I even asked my elderly aunt to find info on a product or submit a support request on a page I was building. If it took more than 10-15 seconds we counted that as a fail, that's about average of how long a user is willing to spend trying to figure something out.

If they start having to hunt for things, ask them where they look first.
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