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Originally Posted by lanepratt View Post
if it shoots over 500 fps with a .20g bb it is classified as a firearm and is illegal.
That last one is so completley and horribly wrong. Even the CBSA agents don't understand what they're saying for the most part. Hence why, despite the "law being on your side", I would NEVER bring my guns across the border. Sure, if they get wrongly confiscated, you can get them back. But not without a lengthy appear process marred in red tape.

And on a side note, US law requires a permanent blaze orange tip. And by permanent, it means non-removable, as in permanently glued on orange flash hider. If you have a black tip, there's a chance that US Customs could seize your gun. Even if you have a REMOVABLE orange flash hider, there's a chance of seizure there too.

So for me, there are far too many variables in that process that could end up in my guns getting seized. I'm not a gambling man, and this is far from a sure thing. Bring them across at your own risk.
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