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Originally Posted by horto View Post
Use case: New user signing up for first game on ops-center
- created local account (no facebook auth)
- clicked a game, attempted to join a side
- agreed to the game fee (greyed out) and read the rules dialog
- error: you must be at least 18 to play
- went into edit profile, changed my dob, info, saved
- went back into the game, clicked join
- agreed to game fee (greyed out) and read the rules dialog
- success

happy path:
- force user to edit profile info (esp DOB) immediately after new account creation

under "weapon options", have a drop-down for FPS of the rifle in 5 fps increments. e.g. 350, 355, 360, 365, 370...
manufacturer, model, status, fps

perhaps also add an option for "cqb" under status... many of us have guns tuned <350fps specifically for cqb venues

this option would be useful for hosts keeping an eye on fps limits
Great timeline post dude, just showing that its straight forward and not hard to get used to!

Submit that via the Feedback tab on the right of ops-center, and we can get it programed in, or on the list for the next version! Still just trying to get the full basic up and running 100%
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