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If we're going to deal with the attendance issue, then lets deal with the attendance issue. The game organizers know whos not showing up, so they can simply archive the chronic no-shows somewhere. I don't think that's unreasonable. Chronic of course, means REPEATED on a regular long term basis. If you want to set a number.. that's a different topic.

I think the field rules can be treated in a similar way. There are only so many hosts, and so many fields.. so lets just hammer out a basic (and I mean REALLY basic) set of rules we can all run by. We're pretty much there anyways (400-450 fps limit, goggle restrictions, etc). You can slap an acronym into a game post or field post to signify compliance.

But we have to remember that these are the restrictions WE.. being ontario/quebec play with. Other places have similar restrictions, but vary slightly.

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