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Transporting my gun across border?

First post, and first statement, I read the FAQ thread on the laws start to finish. I just wanna clear something up. Does Importing a gun mean with intention to sell/distribute? Or is it just bringing one in, period? I'm from NY and visit Canada (Oka, to be exact) quite frequently, and have met a few Canadian airsofters along the way, and i want to bring my KWA SR7 up (along with gear) to play a few games during the summer. My gun tops at about 360fps, so I know that won't be a problem. If I were to bring it up (if I'm allowed), what do I tell the folks at the border? Also, in regards to my gear, are there any restrictions on combat gear (plate carriers, helmets, etc)? I heard somewhere citizens aren't allowed to own body armor, and my helmet is a real MICH2000. Will this be a problem?

Again, I read the FAQ, and these are my only questions that weren't answered from them. Thanks in advance!
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