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G36 forend handguard Surefire M570A M570B M560

Here are some links to pictures of the Surefire handguards either for the G36 or G36k.They are very similar except for the lenghts.,s:21,i:169

g36 surefire.jpg

[quote=chas;1582049]Hi! I got Element's response this morning. Please note: if you don't see the product you asked for on the list of 23 items I sent them, it's because I only aked about products that more than 3 people wanted; this same thread has been posted in 4 different forums. Sorry if your wish didn't make it on the list. If you feel it reall has chances (comecrially speaking) get a few people together, make a good description of it and PM it to me, Ill forward it to Element.

17. G36 Handguard flashlight (SureFire M570A).

Comments: we will collect more info and plan to make that.

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