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Originally Posted by Scarecrow
Originally Posted by Agit-Prop
Trying to equate registering a membership on ASC with "A registry of those in this association, org or whatever it's called of the weapons they PLAY with and what they are Chronied at (Upgrades and changes should be informed so that the new FPS/X.Xgram can be recorded)" is an extreme stretch, Jay.
Its a suggestion of potential issues that could be dealt with in such as organization. Something like this would require its members to develop and formulate its mandate. Besides we chrony before a game. If someone could be trusted to chrony their gun once and declare it 'safe' and not require it to be chronied again until its modified or opened would be welcome. Chronying takes over an hour at games with over 35 players.

I don't think its a stretch at all. Currently this association holds no information about its members, while ASC has quite a bit more information about its members to the point where when a joke about the database being handed over to the RCMP made people go absolutely BATSHIT. I would not dismiss the analogy so easily.
That's because a few people are gullible and silly.
We don't hold any information on ASC short of a useless IP and an email address, and none of that information is ever public unless you choose it to be. There is no master list of people names or addresses or anything. Sean maintains some data for his purposes, but it isn't online or even complete, because we never intended to record any data anyway. There's no correlation between a dboard and what you're talking about.
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