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Grew up in a LEO/Mil focused family.
Enjoy getting out into nature.... With guns.
Much better at shooting 6mm bb's than shanking golf balls. Also was sick of the yuppies on the golf course.
ASC is a nice reprieve to my day job.
Used to be really into playing neighborhood "war" with my early childhood friends... Now I play airsoft with those same guys! Also pretty much the only chance we have to hang out now that they have kids.
Where else would I have gotten to fly around in a helicopter with a rifle? Well... Besides the obvious.
Plus I've met some pretty cool and interesting people along the way that I would have never otherwise met...

Fly 9's sig: "Airsoft - There's nothing better than getting out in nature, away from everything you hate, and shooting at your best friend" - amen brother
H-61 "Acta non verba"
They see us rollin, they hatin...

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