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I was with Koke when he first talked to c3sk about this issue with Richard, which was not more than an hour after Koke's conversation with Richard.

The conversation went along the line of, "This game is awesome, there's even a Captain here in full work uniform...", and both c3sk and I looked at each other and said, "What?".

After confirming he was talking about Richard... We asked him what Richard had said.

"Well he said he was with Queens North York Rangers".

That's a very specific piece of information to just give out when meeting someone for the first time.


As an aside. When we were checking in player's gear for the zombie game, which we were marking with masking tape and a player name, Richard asked me if his service number would be adequate. He then showed me the side of his CADPAT duffle, which had a coyote sheet with a bunch of info on it.

Now, I know Richard was not active CF, (though I didn't know about prior service, if any); so I told him he gets the masking tape like everyone else.

This conversation didn't stick out until later in the night when Koke, c3sk and myself were trying to figure wtf was going on.

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