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Originally Posted by c3sk View Post
The discussion you are referring to was regarding my personal concerns about you wearing a dress uniform complete with beret to eateries. As it was making myself and a few other individuals uncomfortable. However I do believe this was resolved.

I will wait for Kokanee to chime in here again, as he will have complete details from your discussion with him that night.
IMP's were obtained from Army Issue the day before.
There was a cadpat top + bottom, beret had the Spectre Command flash on it. All Spectre Command members wear it during games and all Spectre Command members during Rhino and Zombies wore the same beret + Flash. It is part of our team uniform. Please Consult with Sha Do on this, as he will vouch for it.

@mmmken - Do you have a Military ID - I do NOT have Military ID

IMP's are convenient on the field. They require no water (for the most part) and they aren't MRE's which are rumoured to contain hormone changing chemicals. If given the opportunity, I would never eat IMP's as my choice of culinary diet. Mountain house makes far better dehydrated food, but they unfortunately require boiling water on hand. I assure you, the IMP's were purely for convenience, not a love for the culinary experience.

Theres a reason I dragged along an entire Tent full of food, stoves, eggs, fresh vegetables etc for Rhino. I wasn't about to eat IMPs unless I had to.

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