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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
Let's stick to the current issue mmmken. I'd like to request that unless anyone has something relevant or evidence to contribute, let's keep the opinions out to keep this from being a witch hunt.
Wasn't what I posted relevant? I do recall Richard mentioning that he was serving/served/related to the Forces in some capacity, but since this was so far back - I'm not sure what exactly was said.

Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
@Janus I don't mind if people ask questions. I have nothing to hide, and I freely state again that I am NOT a serving member, Nor was I EVER an officer.

Was not discharged. Ever.

I asked everyone who I verified to bring in a government Photo ID. The acceptable forms of Photo ID are (as stated with the verifier requirements). (Drivers License, Birth Certificate or Military ID)

Since I ask all people for a photograph of the ID for the people I am verifying (In case of issues developed in the community), I required a picture of that ID.
Feb 02, 2011

That is the standard copy/paste response I send to all that asked me for verification.
Anyone/Everyone whom I've verified can vouch for that, and I have records of all whom I've verified. (which is why I have 1800+ pm's stored in my inbox)
Thanks for responding, Richard. I may have worded my question poorly. When I mentioned "Military ID", I didn't mean you checking new members, but I vaguely remember you talking about your Military ID along with mentioning that you had some sort of tie to the Forces in some capacity. Do you have a Military ID?
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