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Just a side note, Wolfpack has and continues to ban this individual from our Muskoka Field, for an intentional attempt to injure another player in a safe zone which led to an entire team laeving and NEVER returning to any of our games. He cost me a lot of money. In my pm's and interactions with him, he CONTINUALLY lied, forgot what he wrote in one PM and then lied in the next, contradicting himself repeatedly. There were at least a dozen witnesses to our incident. EVERY player except his teamate saw his actions and agreed with a banning. He is bad new, has been bad new and continue to do so. We posted up the pm's on our website, but, unfortunately they no longer remain. When I put the information public, there was a general banning from most fields.

I 100% believe he lied to Kokanee, and put my name behind him. The thing that I cannot understand is Koke is a well known CF member who has done more than is expected, Injuries received in our defence of our Country in Afghanistan, and I will offer him my respect, friendship and honour as long as my heart beats, what does not make sense to me is how he would be so foolish to tell another CF he was too. DA spends sooo much time on these boards he had to have known Koke was a soldier.
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