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I want to clarify this very clearly, as no-one has asked me about this during the game or afterwards. If people were mislead, I want to sincerely apologize if anyone has taken offence.

I am NOT an officer of the CF. The Epaulette, while showing rank, has a unit flash of "Spectre CMD" (I can provide pictures of the epaulette in question if need be) Which is short for Spectre Command. Spectre Command, is the overall group that contains our individual sections (Caesar's Ghosts, Face Eaters, Wraiths and Rhinos). I sure as hell don't have the physical fitness that I used to to be able to maintain a role in the CF (Insert laugh here).

My involvement in the forces was very limited. Unpaid Highschool Co-op for 2 years almost a decade ago (And of those 2, I spent most of it waiting in line). I have not been in the service outside of that timeframe outside of that unpaid co-op.
I am not a current serving member, and I want to be clear that I was NEVER a serving Officer. I had applied to the Signals as an officer 7 years back, but the operating hours conflicted with my schooling and I was unable to continue.

Chris (C3SK) and Marcie (SniperChic) and a few other organizers asked me about this in the past (ie. Last year's zombie game) And I had explained truthfully that I was not an officer, and that this was a team epaulette. The matter was dropped there and no-one expressed any continued problems regarding this. To Anyone that had asked me, I have stated always clearly, that I am not an officer, nor am I a current serving member. Many Airsofters can and will vouch for that, as I have been asked many times in regards to it. Out of respect for our CF, I WILL NOT WEAR an epaulette with a real unit flash. I will NOT wear wings or armour patches I have not earned, I will NOT wear medals (As I have not earned any). Everything I was was in mutual agreement for "acceptable" throughout conversations on ASC for non-serving airsofters.

I have tremendous respect for our serving members, both current and past and I do not wish to step on any toes. I play airsoft as a hobby and it should be just that. Fun for everyone. No-one should come to these games feeling offended, so I want to sincerely apologize if the intent was mistook for something other than flattery.

@Kokanee I have never lied to anyone who has asked me. I made it very clear and open that I am not an officer, nor a current serving member. I sincerely apologize to you (as a serving member) if that is the implication that came across, as that was not the intent.

I hope that clears the air a bit. I do not hold/bear a grudge to anyone in regards to this issue, and my respect for kokanee and others remains very high. I just wish I was asked about this first in person to give a chance to explain as no-one had even mentioned or brought this issue to my attention. This includes mods/admins/players. I only found out about this thread as several people shot me txt msgs.

A note to the people who tried to IM me. As my AVer status was revoked, my inbox is severely over capacity and I cannot respond to or receive new PM's. I am unable to clear out 1800+ messages as they are written records of transactions on ASC.

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