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Why Airsoft?

Being a bit older than the average player (in Canada at least, seems Europe is a whole other cup o tea) a friend of mine asked me sort perplexed - "why the hell are you doing this?!"

The answer was prompt and simple: "It's a whole sack load of fun, it's exercise, stress relief, you get to shoot some pretty cool looking guns, live through combat (lol) and, no, it's NOT easy to survive in a skirmish."

I have had my butt handed to me a few times since I started (and got my arse whooped in an arm wrestling match by a guy 20 years younger than me to boot last game - (It was all my opponent, I was just trying to not let him beat me in record time lol)) and you know what - I don't care! It's not important, other than, it is time to have some fun, drop the weeks troubles behind you and run some rounds down field.

How many activities do we take part in every week where, when your in the act of doing it - there is nothing else going on except the doing?

So, this got me to thinking - why do you play? What's your reason? There is no wrong or right here, just, what drives your interest in the sport and what keeps you coming out to events? Be interesting to know!
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