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Sorry to hear Fox, I know how much you were looking forward to getting that M9.

Had a similar expereince a few weeks ago when Apoc gave me his M733 (again, for the dozenth time) to fix. This time it was not feeding BBs well and then at all. Noticed BBs in the tube (gun held upside down, I fired it to see how stuck they were.............. they were!), but saw rough deformation around the tube walls. I cleared the BBs, used an X-Acto knife to shave off the deformed edges, stuck a mag in and found it to fire fine. Flipped it upside down, pulled the mag out to see the BBs left in the tube, fired it in semi to see how well they fed down. Lo & behold, one of the fuckers shot right out of the loading tube and nailed me in the corner of my eye. No damage, but it made me learn to be more careful.
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