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Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
I think you got jacked. Perhaps the best course of action is to figure out the selector plate and repair the receiver with JB Weld. You said you wanted $100 from the guy, but I would be amazed if you could find the receiver for any AEG for under $100 (that wasn't smuggled), and so that $100 wouldn't help you at all towards this gun except perhaps as reparations.

JB Weld is a fraction of the cost of a receiver and represents a real path towards some kind of resolution -- if you find a receiver down the road, or if CP ever coughs up the money, you can always swap it out. In the meantime, I'd personally focus on getting the gun working, and all that takes is some quality time with the gun.
There is a limit as to what you can do with the M14 receiver with JB weld.

I imagine what happened at some point with CP's package-ball sports-team, is that the gun was dropped inside the box and/or bent from the barrel tip by having other boxes loaded on top of it, while in transit. Especially if there was no packing-filler in there to cushion it/keep the box rigid.

If the receiver is broken at the point of the air seal, it's from the barrel being torqued, causing the very thin receiver at that point to fracture. There just isn't that much pot metal to JB weld back together there, and it'll be under continued stress with even a minor amount of the barrel flexing through normal use. It also keeps the hop up unit aligned and back-stopped at this point, so if the receiver has failed at this point, you are then pretty much screwed.

I can't see it breaking at the rear too easily, unless it's a pot metal fracture from a HARD impact.

IMHO, anyway. Good luck to the OP.
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