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Originally Posted by TheRockersEdge View Post
it is legal to go play airsoft with like friends but in public you are taking a risk ... i personally have been taken down and had guns pointed at me by the cops because they thought they were real guns... theres no fine and its legal.... but not the best choice....
This alone should deter you from following this persons advice.
I assume your smart enough to know that though.

Stick with a larger group when starting. It allows you to see a wide variety of guns and tactics, as well as having people who will have been involved in the sport for quite some time. This is great for new players as it allows them to play along side these members and get a feel for how games should truly be played. The money to play goes toward things like field rentals, props, vehicles, and other things that add a bit more excitement/realism to the games. Some may view it as a money grab, thats fine, they can have their opinions, but to expect people to fork out their own money just so you can have fun is a bit selfish in my opinion.
My only worry about death is that my fiancÚ will sell my gear for what I SAID I paid for it.....

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