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any were, but no where good

it is legal to go play airsoft with like friends but in public you are taking a risk ... i personally have been taken down and had guns pointed at me by the cops because they thought they were real guns... theres no fine and its legal.... but not the best choice.... if you want better choices on play find some sort of company that holds airsoft in calgary... but most of them are just cash gras unless your 18 you cant join T.S.M an airsoft group that runs professionally but the others are to restricted or too expensive and T.S.M is very hard too get into to... you must be really good.

feel free to help me out though .... im trying to set up an airsoft group in calgary that is not a cash grab and is fun too play... so if you want that email me to joint T.A.C. airsoft (tactical airsoft calgary) so we can get enoff support and rent or get permission to use land if i get enoff emails i will set up a website for it and we should get approval... but please help make the game more accessible in calgary... email me at
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