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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
What are you doing when it asks you for this permission?

Thats also an example of where OPS-Center doesn't do anything to your account without explicit permission - its an annoying example.

If I know the circumstances I can suggest an approach or solution.
I switched to the direct sign in. Easier and it doesn't annoy me with wanting to post to my wall (I get nervous when ANYTHING wants to post to my wall. Also, I hate facebook.)

One thing... I noticed when drafting up an event for the first time, the selection for rules had a lot of redundant speciality items in the rulesets. Things that apply to other fields that don't apply to the fields we use; some of the items under the rules tab in the Create Event section (like under basic field rules where one of them is 'visit the JOC forum' for full rules.)

Now they looked community created, but perhaps a standardization might be in order. And basic safety rules for events at the same location aren't going to change much. Perhaps a preferential ruleset for event organizers?

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