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No problem Jay

There are some spelling mistakes and some other issues when using iPads in one orientation vs another.

I think that some code is not being translated properly. I'll redo the sequence on some other machine builds and detail it with some better specifics. My system filters are stringent, but not crazy locked down. I was using three different builds today.

The Facebook posting on my behalf is the same as what Janus is referring to. I'm not sure if I'm interpreting it right, but it seems to be asking for permission for OpsCenter to post to my Facebook wall...which is not what I want to happen. If you click on the x to not're left with just a skip button...and the next time you login, it asks you again.

Found the email notifications..thanks.

It's definitely better than it was...and heading in the right direction.

For some reason I originally signed in with Facebook because I could not create a manual the manual account works. Maybe by design...but weird.

Anyways, we can go to alternate comms if you want, it might be easier for detailing stuff and adding screen shots, etc.

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