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Originally Posted by fantastix
Eye protection is always important. I was popping some balloons with my gbb (running on green so there was no chance the bb would bounce off) The mag had just run out of air so it was shooting at lower pressure, and the round bounced back at me. Luckily I thought quick enough to close my eyes when I saw the bb flying at my face and there was no damage.

A while back I was either up in Kamloops, or shooting at the side of my garage with a little Spring .177 cal. BB gun, and I caught a ricochet in the eye.

Off a wall, or a fluke bounch off a can or something (low power BB gun)

Luckily enough, I guess my eye automatically reacted to something I guess, like air pressure, or the blur of the BB, but I blinked and caught it in the eyelid..

I guess our eyes are programmed to close pretty g'damned quick, because I didn't see it coming, but it saved me a helluva lot of damage. Sure hurts like hell when those little copper BB's slam into your eyeball! Heheh.
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