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Originally Posted by horto View Post
Curious about the OPS Centre-Facebook integration/single sign on and privacy. What if I want to draw a line between airsoft and facebook. As in, I'd rather not have my airsoft interests leak out to facebook. (Caveat: But I like using it for authentication so I don't have to manage any more user names and passwords).

If I log into OPS Centre via facebook, what happens? Does it just use my name/profile pic? Does it post shit to my wall?
Good question. We've answered that a number of times as its a common concern. I'll repeat it again as its important for everyone to understand.

You don't have to use Facebook to log in. You can establish a direct account using the sign up function.

The Facebook functionality helps you to establish your initial account information, purely as a convenience. It also lets you post "Likes" if you want to. It also lets you invite your friends from Facebook to join Events being hosted on Ops-Center and to announce Events. But it is purely a convenience and all those things are optional. We don't send unsolicited email, and we don't mine your Facebook data, or send information from OPS-Center to Facebook except for the things mentioned above and only at your explicit command. It is a single sign-on convenience that lets you leverage your social network if YOU want to. It is there for YOU to use, not for us.

If you go to your Account Settings there is a Notification section that also lets you control what OPS-Center sends to you. The notification system is designed to keep you in the loop on Events, when you join, when you leave, when a favorite host announces a new game, etc. It isn't a marketing tool, and we don't use any of the information we have for unsolicited spam and comply with all the new spam laws. The system is designed to help hosts promote their events, for players to find them and to control their participation.

Bottom line is if you like single-sign-on technology, we're no different than lots of other sites out there using the Facebook Connect app features.

If you have problems, Brent and I are very visible, available and reachable and most importantly, ACCOUNTABLE to this community. This isn't some site that just came from some faceless corporation - this community knows us and we frequently respond directly to it and the individuals who make up this community. So, this isn't an attempt to mine your identity to send you dieting and ***** enlargement spam. We really do care about airsoft and want to make a difference for all of us.
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