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Originally Posted by HeadlessChicken View Post
Sounds almost too good to be true. Is there a "but" in there? Any cons to Ops-Center yet? I've looked up a couple of game postings of yours Brian and it looks exactly as you've described; everything we need to know and from what I can tell, what you need to know is right there.
No cons. Its banner supported, and will soon have an event ticket model for hosts to use to streamline signup and payment. We get a small porition of the convenience fee. So yes, in that respect, its intended to make money.

Brent and I are going to be posting a series of videos that will explain the genesis of the project in a little more detail, but suffice it to say for now, this is a project Brent and I have talked about doing for years, and having left our full time jobs, we've managed to start doing things we want to do, rather than things we have to do.

So, there is no con here. We hope you like it and that it appeals to both the player and the host. I'll address the Facebook questions in another post.
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