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Originally Posted by DavidoftheDoell View Post
Yeah, wait until you're 18 to play. Your life will be a lot easier and you'll have access to the classifieds and other retailers. Don't worry, Airsoft isn't going anywhere. As for those choices, if you bring any clear guns to the field and you're under 18 most people are going to look down on you. It'll be an uphill battle to be taken seriously. If you lack the patience to wait then at least go with the KA M4.
Naw its all sorted out BDU and the gun, Looked down on or not I love Airsoft every time I get the chance to play I play. Plus in my opinion the faster I get started the more things I can accumulate and more learning experiences I can be exposed to but thanks for your input. It's the fact that people will look down on me that makes me want to do it more, It's when people are underrated that they look even better.
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