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I'm kind of a picky are some picky things. Take it in a's meant that way

1. (New look I suppose) When you go to there's no "Login"/"My Account"/etc...just the "SIGN UP NOW!" button. Counter intuitive for guys that have an account already.

From there you can get to a page ( that has Sign Up / Sign In buttons.

2. Just tried to sign in with Facebook (big link on page)...error. It's been 8/10 times going to this site that I've not been able to get into it over the last month. Not sure if it's my computer, my network, etc...I can get into everything else just fine.

Clicked on Sign In (top corner)...get to login prompt...choose facebook, sign in...get prompted to allow OC to post on my behalf (F*CK THAT). Click on do not allow...only option is to skip....then still not logged in. (Tried to join a side and was told I had to be guessing it didn't log me in).

To be's got to simply be there...working.

Less functionality, bells and whistles, but being able to get in...that'd be ok and do what needed to be done to sign up for a game.

3. (dunno if it's changed)...I thought it was neat to see others close to me...but really I DO NOT want others to see where I am.

4. (dunno if it's changed)....I DO want to get e-mails about the games I've signed up for....I DO NOT want to get e-mails that I've not solicited.

5. Game Fee is grey out checked...but not paying through site...that seems odd, but I know where you're going with this.

6. "Forgot Password" page just has a box and a submit button...not clear on what you want. I guessed e-mail address. Then e-mail sends me to page with two boxes and a submit button...guessing you want new password typed twice.
- you should go through and lable your boxes or put a note in about what you want entered

(BTW...still can't get in...I'm giving up on it for today and will try later this weekend. Brian M...if you get a whole wack of sign ups for tonight from me...sorry, I was testing)

I'm a little dated with some of the latest website stuff and am a bit old fashioned...but I'm pretty computer litterate.
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