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Originally Posted by takagari View Post
Sadly, and the issue I always see. Everyone hosts a game and wants it to revolve around them. Some teams plan an op and want in on their forums so it revolves around them. so they don't use sites like this.

And I find it hard to get people to reply "in" for a game posted on facebook. let alone register a new site.

I like the concept, people just need to force it's use.
Based on this post, I am not sure if you are for or against

With the share feature, which you just link a jpeg right to ANY forum, any discussion board, any website. This allows anyone to have an open discussion about the game, in their private section, or on the game section on ASC as they do now. Soon, we will be able to offer private sections on ops-center for game chat only, private sections for teams to chat and plan. THIS IS NOT going to be an open forum discussion board, just a round table area for team command and players on that specific team to chat and plan.

The game isnt posted on facebook, just advertised. Our partnership with facebook is merely log in, and the ability to network a game fast. OPS-Center is a private program for event management, the OPS-Center staff own it and operate it, not facebook.

One of the HUGE points to OPS-Center, is the fact that you do not have to post "in" anymore, nor do hosts have to sift through chatter to locate all of those 'in" and "out" or the dreaded "tent"

You just sign up for the team you want, read the rules, receive email updates, GPS map directions to the field (if the field host programs his address properly) and more features are coming.

We are working hard to iron out all of the minor feedback adjustments we have received.

Brian, thank you very much for this, keep up the good work!

We welcome all feedback, ALL, post here for ASC discussion, use the feedback tab on OPS-Center for anything you think we should be read in on.


OPS-Center Staff.
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