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I'm an early adopter... I jump in first to many many things

Often this costs me money.. new gun comes out.. I buy it if I want it.. I have guns I paid $1000 for that can be had for $400 now... It's the cost of being an Early Adopter

I was invited to participate in the BETA release of

Right away I saw that this software fills a need..It turns out that this is on Early Adoption.. that is saving me time. And we all know TIME is MONEY

I host a lot of Games.. 5 or 6 a month and I've been doing it since 2005...

I spend a lot of time ( or used to ) managing game threads.. updating Rosters .. adding people.. taking them away .. and keeping records of who attended the game and who blew it off after posting in.

All this takes time.. Time I don't have a lot of.

From the standpoint of a Host has saved me LOADS of time, Eliminated "tentatives" and the "+1" posts .. with a glance I know who and how many people are in the game. I can take attendance , and soon I'll even be able to collect payments for games on OPS-Center.. To post my game.. all I have to do is create it in ( which takes about 5 minutes ) and then link it to ASC Done.. the software takes care of the rest.. no more plowing through treads of banter to find the IN posts .. no updating of rosters.. all of it is done for me. That is a time saver.. big time.

From a Player Standpoint.. I can see what is going on in my area at a Glance,
I can see who is attending any game , see the rules , Join a side ( and change my mind) all without having to PM a Host .. and wait for them to respond.

It's a great tool .. and it makes joining a game easy and 100% under my control.

That said for OPS-Center to really become what it can be.. a one stop clearing house for Airsoft events .. more Hosts and Players need to use it.
If All the Hosts got on board .. all the players would.. and we would really have something going.

ASC will still be important.. for the communication, and sharing of information, but it's really not very good at managing event hosting. Never has been.

I'm not affiliated with OPS-Center in any way.. I just know a good thing when I see it.

Check it out.. you will be glad you did.
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