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I think the minimum level to look for would be condor or pantac... the acm stuff is very hit or miss from the stuff I've seen when shopping in stores. The water carrier I have doesn't even have consistently sized molle loops, one of the molle straps is longer than the other and the buttons snaps aren't lined up with the molle slots. Good thing that's the only pos thing I have.

The condor stuff is better... but not great. My m14 double pouches have a divider that was sewn in making one side too big and one side too small.

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Haven't heard anyone mention the airsoft thousand in a while
Costs about $1000 to get all your shit together, maybe $800 now with the price drop on guns.

Get boots. $80 minimum
And if you're going to play seriously, get serious gear. Don't get chinese repro gear if you'll be playing a lot
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