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Originally Posted by Brennen View Post
Hello people,

Brennen here, I have creeped on this site for a long long time but just decided its time to get into air soft. So my question(s) are these:

1. What gun do you recommend for a starter? I really like M4s and M16s
2. Whats the main performance difference between battery/gas?
3. With regards to gear, what should I look to get? I would be more of an assault class player.
4. How many times do people here play in Toronto? Do you have monthly meetups?
5. Overall, how much should I budget to spend on a full setup (gun, gear, goggles etc...)?
6. Do you have tournaments? (I come from an old school paintball background)

Thanks for your help in advance and I hope to see some of you on the field shortly.
1. King Arms M4 is the best entry level bang for the buck at this time.

2. AEG (Electric) all weather, Gas susceptible to low/high temperature limitations, Buy AEG as a primary, and keep as a back-up if you buy Gas later.

3. Work on the basics first. Eye-protection, boots, gloves, and hydration carrier to start. Then chest-rig/vest of your preference, BDU/camouflage.

Go to games - observe what people are using in gear, clothing, accessories, etc.. what works, what doesn't for you, and go from there.

4. There is an Ontario events forum here - there are several each weekend, within easy travel distance of Toronto.

5. This varies. Expect $600-1000.00 to start, minimum. Expect to spend another $1000.00 minimum in a short period of time if you choose to stick with the hobby/get more guns/Gucci-fy your loadout. Unlike paintball, the ammunition used is cheap, but the rest of the stuff, ain't.

6. No tournaments that i am aware of in Canada. This ain't speed-ball.

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