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What is must have gear for airsoft noob

Hello people,

Brennen here, I have creeped on this site for a long long time but just decided its time to get into air soft. So my question(s) are these:

1. What gun do you recommend for a starter? I really like M4s and M16s
2. Whats the main performance difference between battery/gas?
3. With regards to gear, what should I look to get? I would be more of an assault class player.
4. How many times do people here play in Toronto? Do you have monthly meetups?
5. Overall, how much should I budget to spend on a full setup (gun, gear, goggles etc...)?
6. Do you have tournaments? (I come from an old school paintball background)

Thanks for your help in advance and I hope to see some of you on the field shortly.
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