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GBBP Parts question and Kingston Clubs

Hi there,

My name is BluceRee and I am new to the forums. I bought a tokyo marui M4 3 years ago and I got hooked. I unfortunately had to drop airsoft when I went to residence for first year. I am currently home for the summer and on a recent trip to Toronto I came across an airsoft gun store(I dont recall the name, was too busy ogling the guns displayed). I ended up walking away with a GBB KJW M9 Beretta.

Having returned to the hobby after an absence of over 2 years I had a number of questions.

I am about the purchase the following parts from evike:

-Action Stainless Steel CNC High Output Valve for Marui M9 (KJW compatible)
-Guarder Steel Outer Barrel for Marui WE KJW M92F
-KJW Rubberized M9 Military Type Grip for KJW

According to the FAQ I should be able to import these parts without a problem. Can anyone confirm this? (I know 100% confirmation is impossible)

My second issue has to do with the actual assembly of these parts. Replacing the outer barrel is relatively straightforward. Remove slide, take barrel out, put new barrel in. Same thing for pistol grip. Since Im new to GBB guns I do however have questions regarding the valve, is there any specific precautions I should take when swapping the Valve out? I assume the valve regulates the flow of gas when the trigger is pulled?

My third question isnt really related to the parts. Im assuming that unlike AEGs, GBB require regular lubbing to perform at their peak. Any special tips as to where to lube and what products to use? Im not particularly keen on spraying gun oil randomly over my gun.

Also does anyone know of any clubs that operate in Kingston, Ontario? I know Bronson&Bronson run a paintball club, but I much prefer the realism of airsoft guns.

Thanks for the help and sorry for any spelling mistakes!

-Edit: I guess this thread pretty much covers most of what I need to know:

I guess another question that popped while reading was, is propane ok as a propellant? Its a heck of alot more affordable

-Edit 2: Will try to get myself AV'd in the coming weeks

-Edit 3: Moar questions: Having read up a bit more on the forums, I figured it would be best for me to also purchase an AEG as well. Im not too keen on purchasing an M4 platform and Im instead considering a AK/SIG/Heckler&Koch alternative. Heard alot of good things about the CYMA AK line. Any thoughts?

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