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I know there is no one from the peterborough area, but I messaged people from Barrie to Kingston and everywhere south except for tronto. I used the priviate message function attached to there names in the varifier list, so if anyone is in the geographic area with a message function I have contacted them. I am willing to drive with a few people to get this done to ba able to access the games and fields section as well as the selling funtion of the website. I would go too tronto but i have no reason to and with traffic a 2 hour round trip can turn into four and i dont want to do that just to see a guy for three seconds to tell him im 28.

If you know a guy in the area or will meet or be met let me know and i can try to arrange somthing.

I have Checked my inbox and I have never received a PM from you. I am in Barrie, and verify as far as Brampton.
So that brings up the question as to who you contacted?
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