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Quick safety lesson

Here is a quick safety lesson inspired by a very recent event that happenned in my garage.

I recently ordered a KJW M9. I got it today. So I went to my garage to test the mags for leakages. I fill one up with propane and fire one blank shot. Im impressed by the loud noise and recoil. Then, take the mag out and load a few BBs to ventilate a cardboard box at the end of the garage. I put the mag back in the gun and aim carefully. I press the trigger and BAM!! The slide recoil and breake, sending a peace of metal in my eye. My mistake was not wearing eye protection since I was not shooting at a hard object and not expecting the box to return fire.

I was lucky in my badluck, since my eye is OK. But it hurt anyway.

here is a picture of the broken metal slide

I tought I share with you guys. A metal slide is not undestructible.

Lesson learned:
-Always wear safety glasses, even if it's just for testing a few shots, even blank one.
-metal slide are not undestructible.

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