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Originally Posted by logitechboys09 View Post
We have a team already and i current name is The Organization. We would like to change our name to something a bit more cool and catchy, does anyone have any suggestions.

We are a team who is trying to have a United States Military theme, some of us wanted Canadian, but the majority voted American. Mostly we are trying to be Marines and Sailors as the myself and the other team leader have MARPAT WOODLAND. So any suggestions would be awesome.

Thank You
The Syndicate.
The Outfit.

Sort in line with "the organization". Drawing inspiration from the move Payback with Mel Gibson.

Acronyms are good too.

M.I.A. : Many Irate Assaulters/Aggressors (whatever just trying to improvise)
D.T.A. : Delivering Tactical Aggression

you can use books/songs for inspiration too.

My gaming clan is H.O.D. (Heart of Darkness) inspired by Joseph Conrad's book, Heart of Darkness.
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