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Hmm its getting tough to choose...Price wise, KA beats VFC. But overall, I think VFC still takes the cake on the long run. L473ncy mentions some troubleshoot on both and VFC seems to only have problems with the piston. And VFC also already comes with RAS and rear batteries (in the crane stock). As for the bolt, yeah I realized it has a weird chrome look :-D. I'll take a look at some reviews on KA...

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On a side note:
Did you sell your paintball gear? If not, do it You won't go back to paintball after trying Airsoft :P (Yeah that's a bold statement but.... :P)
Lol, I do not plan to sell my gear, in fact the only thing I can sell is the marker itself only. My tac gear are coming with me to airsoft and will switch my accessories to my new rifle.

As much as I want to stay on one sport, I'll stick to both. Lots of my friends play PB and I'm part of a team (not a speedball one) so I'm not bailing on them. But I also have a group that plays airsoft so I'll play with them when I get time off of paintball (and there is lots of time in between dates of games ).
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