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Originally Posted by JerryMcGoulBerry View Post
Poeple who wear nothign but shooting glasses on their heads, and then get pissed off at people who headshot them accidentally.
i agree but disagree i have taken shots at people heads in previous games but only for one important reason and that is that all they are giving me s a target is their god damn head like if that and ur gun are all i got to shoot at then im gunna bloody well shoot it and if u dont like it then wear a face mask thats what they are made for i will also state that i never do that on full auto or coming in on a guy point blank

and second is the people that bitch about how much someone is shooting
i dont have a support gun but am usually got about 30 or so mid and low cap mags on me at any given time (never use high caps) and they bitch at me for puting down so much fire on them they cant move or shoot like i go through about 2-3000 bbs a game depending on the scenario it could be much less but like im not over shooting you or on full auto that whole time either im almos always on semi unless shooting into brush and if i wanna supres u with my m4 then i will like get over it what would u do if it was a real firefight? my point here is dont bitch about someone shooting you in the head hen its ur only part ur sticking out and dont bitch about a guy shooting more ammo than you
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