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Alright, sorry for necroing my thread but rather than making a new one, it still concerns the above title.

Going back to school delayed my intro to airsoft so with it mainly done and working full time again, I can finally say I'm ready to purchase my rifle. After lots of hair pulling and pages of threads, I'll be grabbing the VFC M4 Sopmod (non E-series).

I'm fully aware its not gameable from the get go, so what in general do you swap or upgrade? I kinda got the gist of shimming gear and AoE (still need to read on that a bit more). I'm actually kinda scared of even opening the gearbox to tinker with it since I'm not too great with electronics. But what else? Spring (since it does fire hot from what the descriptions all show; 400+ FPS).

Its also been almost 2 years since the last post, in that time there should have been improvements, are there any other alternatives to the VFC some can recommend? Let's not get carried away by going to a Systema or close, I'm still in a kind of a budget...
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