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Originally Posted by SMD View Post
alright i did some work on my own

G&p have 14 gauge wiring which is the same wiring that comes with all lipos
soo i can say ALL g&p are lipo ready
cuz if your going from bigger gauge wires to smaller that is cunna cost alot of resistance.

for example
im running a vfc sr15e3 IWS amazing rifle i love i dont baby it AT ALL
with an 11.1 lipo before i was shooting 23 bbs a second with my classic army x series motor. thats with 12guage wiring. then i switched to 14 gauge wiring then it pumped my guns fire rate to 27. and then when i decided to go to ALL modify parts besides gearbox shell i decided to switch my wiring to the modify silver wiring! my gun shoots 32bbs a second with an 11.1 lipo 15c at 370 fps.

if your looking for a stupid rate of fire sure use the 11.1 but make sure your piston tappet plate gears can take the strain of full auto at that rate.
11.1 i use IMO is just for trigger respawns if i go full auto barely when i have the 11.1 in even tho my gun can take it.
but if you use 7.4 lipo you should be fine.
Some G&P use 16 gauge (my Magpul MOE M4). And my trigger contacts have worn out quite a bit with around ~2000 plinking rounds. (edit - 7.4v lipo)

Shouldnt thicker (smaller gauge number) have less resistance?

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