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Originally Posted by Frost!i View Post
Can someone tell me where you can play airsoft legally in calgary.

I heard you should let people know around you that your not handling real guns. So i am just wondering where can you play airsoft without letting people know your not handling real weapons.

Are canadians allowed to have metal airsoft guns or black airsoft guns?
And Can Canadians allowed to have CO2 Or GreenGas(Propane) airsoft guns?
Can you get arrested if you wave your gun in public?
Dude - sorry, but do more reading and less posting - this forum is filled throughout with all the answers to your questions in detail. Most of the above are pretty much common sense issues related to Airsoft replicas - if you have any common sense, you'd know the answers/potential consequences of waving something around in public that looks real, already.

Use the search function, and read, read, read. Even the newbie tank isn't the place for Spoon-feeding.

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