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Originally Posted by Frost!i View Post
Can someone tell me why airsoft guns have to shoot over 366 FPS.

I really hate spring airsoft guns, so i prefer GAS, and CO2 Guns. So what would happen if i bought a CO2 airsoft gun online, Do they check the gun before it gets sent to you? Or do they don't check it before it gets sent to you? :-?

I am asking becuase i am new to airsoft
If you order it from out of country and it gets selected for inspection - unless you get documentation that indicates that it falls within the CDN importation requirements, it'll be seized by CBSA and put in line for FPS verification testing, which could take anywhere from 3 months to a year, and if it fails, it'll be seized out-right.

Recognize also, that most outside airsoft fields have a hard limit of 400fps, and indoor CQB fields tend to trend lower at 350fps. Sniper rifles can be higher FPS (450 fps or so), but often you are required to be "qualified" in order to be let loose with one of these on a field, for interests of safety.

CO2 guns tend to shoot hot, IIRC, and so even though they'll be shooting 366+ fps to meet Canadian import requirements, they may actually be too hot to play with at most fields, unless downgraded to a lower FPS figure.

So in short, if you are new to Airsoft - look at an AEG first - they generally are easier to work on, to bring into line for individual field requirements. Save the gas gun for a secondary, once you've got the whole airsoft thing figured out.

If i am wrong on any of the above, i am sure someone will correct me..
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