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Two things:

1) If you are a spray and pray kind of guy, use a sub-machine gun for a secondary. The KWA MP9 or, even better, the MP7 make great sniper sidearms.

2) In real steel we have a drill called the "forty five". Not because it uses a 45 cal, but because it consists of 4 units of 5 being used: Repeated practice until you can place 5 shots in a 5 inch circle from 5 metres away within 5 seconds. Start with a holstered weapon and go from there when your timer says "go".

It sounds really easy, it is not. It takes many practices to be able to do this on a regular basis with a handgun.

I was thinking the range should be decrease for airsoft (5 feet????, a little close), but when you take away the recoil of a real .357 or .45 calibre then you should be able to do it at 5 metres in airsoft as well.

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